Camtasia Studio Full Professional Video Editing-Beginner to Advance Bangla Course

Camtasia Studio Full Professional Video Editing-Beginner to Advance Bangla Course

Easy to follow guide to Video Editing in Camtasia Studio 2021. Learn to import media, edit, compose &render great videos

What you’ll learn

  • Get familiar with the Camtasia Studio interface, navigate and use all features within Camtasia Studio video editing software with ease
  • Create and properly save new projects in Camtasia or open existing projects
  • Record your screen and system audio and/or external audio with the highest quality possible for e-learning videos
  • Import media like raw footage, images, audio or screen recordings into Camtasia
  • Edit recordings and add elements like text, background music and animations
  • Benefit from existing library of assets within Camtasia like icons, intro’s and outro’s, animated backgrounds, music, and lower thirds
  • Use animated Zoom & Pan, and Annotations (Shapes, Callouts, Blur and Highlight) to grab viewers’ attention and have them focus on certain areas of the screen
  • Add Transitions to your videos to spice them up
  • Embed Keystrokes into your videos to visually show the keys being pressed
  • Utilize Cursor Effects like Highlight Cursor & Cursor Smoothening to make your videos more appealing
  • Design and customize basic Motion Graphics
  • Improve the quality of your videos with audio editing, audio Fade-in and Fade-out, Noise Removal and Colorization
  • Increase or decrease the Speed of your videos
  • Remove a specific color from videos to do Green Screen editing
  • Get faster and more efficient in your editing process with keyboard shortcuts, best practices & editing hacks
  • Learn the BEST Export Settings to get the smallest video file size and the best quality for smooth playback in full HD format


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